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      In the new international logistics industry back group, oriented world, set import and export trade, and international shipping, and international air, and both at home and abroad land, and international business information, and set cabin, and distribution box, and customs reported seized, and warehousing, and distribution, and finance is equal to one, service Yu each class enterprise, for build CNC international logistics carrier, group are to active of strategy thinking and firmly of executive force, and world each big company together cooperation, for carefully build integrity CNC, and responsibility CNC, and industry CNC, and strength CNC, new century people seize, -Industry first, ebb tide in the international market, implement export and import and export agents transport performance of over 2 billion US dollars and 150,000 TEU. CNC logistics industry, was originally a piccolo, consciously in the vast sea dragon's heart considering the outbreak of pitch, and swordsman. The new century, the elderly love her, because her stories mature hidden memory; young loves her, flashing times because her career highlight.

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